How to Stand Out on Amazon

February 28, 2019 Amazon

If you’re selling on Amazon, you’ll know that it is an extremely competitive market. You’re quite literally competing with millions of other sellers and the chances are, somebody is selling a similar product to you and they might even have more advertising budget to spend than you. Here are some ways you can make your listings stand out.

1. Use Enhanced Brand Content

This is the closest you’ve ever come to being able to put your own branding on your listing. As you know, Amazon is very good at taking all of your branding away from your listings. EBC enables you to showcase more than just your product you’re selling, but also allows you share with your viewers why your brand or product is superior to your competitor’s. There are several templates that are provided. All you need to do is fill out the blanks. If you show through your EBC that your brand has better customer service, higher quality products and can sell your customers on your brand rather than solely on descriptions and product images, you might just win your customer over.

View Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Examples

2. Study your Competitors

A really great way of writing your product descriptions is finding all your top 10 competitors, note down their core features, their highlights and how they sell their products. Note down their descriptions, their selling points and how they speak to their customers. Then do it better. Read their negative reviews and find out where their weaknesses are, and focus on making that your strength in your product listing.

3. High Quality Images

This seems like a no-brainer, but its surprising how many listings we see with low quality images. When selecting images to showcase your product, chose professional images that are high quality photographs (not illustrations) that clearly show the product and its functionality. Avoid incorporating additional products or objects and keep the background white and free of watermarks or text.

4. Be Clear with your Product Title and Descriptions

Consumers love Amazon because it lets them easily compare products. Because of this, shoppers often review more products on Amazon than other traditional search engines, making the product title and the way you word your descriptions crucial.

To help your product stand out it is imperative that you create product titles that are clear, descriptive and instantly reflect your key differentiator. Since Amazon titles can include up to 250 characters, that leaves sellers plenty of room to describe their product in the title.

Sell bluetooth speakers? Specify whether they’re for indoors, outdoors, number of hours of play so your viewers can make a quick decision on whether or not your product is what they’re searching for.

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