3 eCommerce Trends in 2019

March 21, 2019 Amazon, Business, eCommerce

1. Rise of Ethical eCommerce

source : Everlane

We see this as a great trend evolving and something you should definitely think about incorporating into your brand and products too. As our education continues to increase on the environmental and ethical footprint we have on this world, consumers are now smarter and have more awareness. Showing your customers you care about this world will make a difference.

Are you unnecessary using a lot of plastic in your packaging? How and where was your product made? Was it made ethically? Brands both big and small are conveying their values to their customers and guided by these values, consumers are choosing their products and purchases more wisely.

Everlane, a fashion label, were one of the first eCommerce retailers to go “transparent”. They provide a cost breakdown of materials for every product they sell and their customers are loving it! Sales are rumoured to be growing in double-to-triple digits annually by word of mouth.

2. An Immersion of Online and Bricks & Mortar

There was a time where everybody thought retail was dead. We thought that eCommerce was going to take over the world and having physical stores were a thing of the past. But it turns out, we still love going bricks and mortar stores. We still enjoy window shopping, physically being able to touch and feel what we buy before we even make a purchase.

Most importantly, it turns out we hate waiting for an item to be shipped to us. If there was an option to wait 1 week for my order to be delivered to me, or if I could pick it up within 2 days at a store near me; you know I we would choose! Even Amazon has opened up physical retail stores around the US. In fact, Amazon has plans to open up 3000 retail stores by 2021. Now that’s saying something!

3. In-App Purchases on Social Media

This has already been adapted by China, where 55% of social app users buy goods or services on their social media app without ever having to click off it.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and even Google are expected to take a more transactional approach on their platforms. There are rumours that Instagram are currently trialling a shopping app now and SnapChat have already incorporated aspects of a shopping cart into their social platform. We’re very excited to see what these social platforms will come up with this year! It could transform the way we sell and communicate with our customers through these platforms.

How will you keep up with eCommerce trends in 2019? Let us know! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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