July 2019

Amazon Individual vs Amazon Professional: Which Works For You?

Comparing between Amazon Individual and Amazon Professional

Advantages and Disadvantages of Forward Deployed Inventory

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Forward Deployed Inventory advantages and disadvantages

Shipping Process for Ecommerce Exports

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Export ecommerce shipping

Cost Structure of an Ecommerce Product

July 2, 2019 Amazon, Business, eCommerce
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What does Cost Structure of an Ecommerce Product Mean? A product cost structure encompasses all costs that make up a retail price. This includes; cost of goods sold, marketing, platform/marketplace fees, payment gateway charges, shipping charges, and profit. The end price of the product is what can be broken down as the cost structure. Now, let’s discuss the breakdown: 1. Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) – 40% COGS is the cost of a finished product, ready to be sold. InRead More