7 Major Don’ts as an Amazon Seller

Amazon is the largest online marketplace today and everyone wants to get onboard and be a seller on Amazon. Being the biggest player in the ecommerce game, Amazon has very clear policies and guidelines that sellers must follow. They are also not very forgiving to those who try adventure out of the provided guidelines. So here are 7 things you should never do as a seller:

1. Don’t Register More Than One Seller Account

One of Amazon’s policies is that there can only be one account per seller. Don’t try to be bend the rules by registering different accounts under different aliases so you can push your products more. Bad idea, and it will likely result in a ban.

2. Don’t Link Your Website 

Never ever try to link your website, or link anything that can redirect the customers from your product or seller’s page. That is another major policy violation. Even if you have done it on other marketplaces, you should never try it on Amazon. 

3. Don’t Add Sales Tags of Vouchers to Your Listing Titles

Another policy violation is including sales tags, vouchers, or coupons to your titles. It is often we see on other marketplaces titles like “Lowest Price Guaranteed Iphone X Silicone Cover” or “30% off 2nd Item Purchase – Pillows 50cm” and we think that’s a great promotional idea. Well not on Amazon. There are ways to run promotions and add vouchers or coupons, but definitely not in the title of your listings. 

4. Don’t Include Information or Structures In Your Listing Titles That Violate Any Policy

There is a guideline to write your titles, and it should start with your product brand, followed by the product, etc.. Titles must only include alphabets and numericals. A couple of common mistakes by sellers are using symbols as part of the text, or using formats that are not allowed like HTML codes. 

5. Don’t Add Promotional Texts in Your Images

Amazon has very strict image policies. Images have to be only of the product itself, showing clearly what the product is, and nothing more. You can add multiple images per listing to show different angles or anything relevant to the product, but none of them should have any promotional texts on them. No “20% off only today” banner or “lowest price on Amazon” or anything like that. 

6. Don’t Add Unnecessary Stuff in Your Images

Another thing you want to avoid on your images are unnecessary like coloured backgrounds, or frames, or watermarks, or any kind of descriptive text. All text should be in the product title or product description. As mentioned earlier, the images should only show the product. 

7. Don’t Try to Pay or Bribe Customers for a Positive Feedback

Yes this sounds like its common sense, but we’re just here to remind you that it’s not at all a good idea to try and get customers to give you good feedback about your product, or your store. Amazon’s customer satisfaction relies a lot on trustworthy and truthful feedback. So as a seller, monitor your account health and learn the ins and outs of achieving good customer satisfaction the right way.


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