About Us

Joachim Sebastian

Hi there. I am Joachim Sebastian and this is a my platform for sharing news on eCommerce, entrepreneurship, business and Payoneer. JJ Global Ventures is an entity that represents me in various aspects of my business presence.

I am the Payoneer brand ambassador for Malaysia and an active part of the eCommerce community. Business is something that excites me. Besides this, I am the founder of

EVERPEAKS (www.everpeaks.com) – a global export eCommerce consultancy

KRATOS MOTORSPORTS (www.kratosmotorsports.com) – a manufacturer, distributor and retailer of automotive parts

CREATIVIZE (www.kismetdecals.com) – a global manufacturer and retailer of sticker products and solutions

If you are in the same space, looking to collaborate or just have a cup of coffee, reach out to me at my facebook page, linkedin or hello at joachimsebastian.com